Online IELTS Classes During Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak

Many IELTS aspiring students are now wondering how to prepare IELTS during Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. There is a complete lockdown and many students who need a teacher, are worried about their IELTS preparation.

Don’t worry, Voxcel Group is offering IELTS online classes and will be your shepherd in the need of the hour. The world is going through the chaos and no one knows what will happen. 

Read our post: IELTS preparation during the Coronavirus crisis – if you don’t want online classes for any reason. The link will help you out in the best way possible. Believe! 

If reports are to be believed, things will be settled down within a few months. Maybe sooner, maybe later. But the light is at the end of the tunnel. 

Hence, many students, who are looking for study visa Canada or students who want to go to Australia, New Zealand, the UK etcetera for higher education, are looking for online IELTS classes already, so they can go at the earliest intake post lockdown or curfew (in some parts of the world it is forced). 

This is a smart move. 

As long as you are staying indoors and taking all the necessary precautions, you are already doing something good for the world.

And using the time, to prepare for IELTS, is something you will do for yourself. Voxcel has helped many students to lodge their Permanent Residency (PR) and we will be active during the pandemic lockdown. Students can reach out to us, who genuinely are seeking help and want an IELTS instructor to guide them. 

Meanwhile, we will be giving many kinds of useful information on Voxcel’s social media channels regarding IELTS and Study Visa time-to-time. 

Benefits of online IELTS classes

There are many advantages of taking IELTS classes online during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. 

1. Own Space- 

Unlike the classroom, you will have your own private space and you can present yourself without being worried about the judgmental people in the same room. Many students have glossophobia, so online classes are a boon for them. Moreover, personal bonding becomes strong with an IELTS instructor and the teacher comes to know what things you need to work on. 

2. Full Attention – 

In online classes, students get the full attention of the teacher, which sometimes they get deprived or as they feel so. This means more focus on their study and more chances of 7+ band score in IELTS. Most GT students love taking online classes as they are mostly private and help them always to score 7+ band in the IELTS GT writing module – which is considered the toughest by the lot. 

3. Discussion –

The thorough discussion sessions during online classes help miles. Students who are weak and often hesitate to do discussion in the regular classroom sessions, they can do it. Many students have insecurities when a person with good command over the English language comes into the room. Instead of asking their doubt, they live with a fear of being judged. Often they paint a different reality in their head, but it’s not the case in IELTS online classes. 

Above are some of the benefits listed that tells the beautiful story of taking online classes. 

Voxcel Group is available 24X7 with the IELTS online classes’ slots and has made many flexible timing slots for the IELTS learners. We have a team of great IELTS teachers with a proven track record to help you out, no matter your time zone.

Just email us: [email protected] or WhatsApp: (+91) 84274-09990 to know more information. 

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