Study in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) is crowned as a top choice for hundreds of thousands of international students.  It is the home of many oldest universities, including University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge that conducts the IELTS exam (under Cambridge Assessment English) with its co-partners IDP and British Council. Because of its rich heritage and the creative freedom it gives to find the hidden talents, students dream of Study in the UK.

UK’s education opens many doors after the course completion. To provide high-grade quality education, all academic institutions follow strict regulations set by the Department of Education

Four nations make the UK: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The quality of education equally prevails in all the four countries.  Due to strong academic researches being conducted time-to-time, the United Kingdom enjoys a great reputation among the students, scientists, and researchers – and also does groundbreaking scientific researches. The education is designed to encourage students to express their thoughts and innovations.  Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking are some of the most noted scientists that were born and bred from the top UK intuitions and the rest is history.

Academic Excellence –

Out of the top 10 institutions of the world, 4 are in the UK. This makes it the most favorable destination for researchers and international students.  The UK prefers experiential learning over test-books and works on developing critical and analytical thinking, leading to great jobs in Fortune 500.  Most famous institutions from the UK are Oxford and Cambridge and studying one from them is a dream for countless.

Home of the English Language –

The UK is the place where the English language was born. Hence, it’s in itself a charming place to do courses of your choices. Around half a million students from different parts of the world come to study English from the finest linguistic teachers. The English language courses are designed to train the mind like a native speaker. Many students use this as a ladder to success and find their dream career in their favorite companies or by opening their businesses to do international trade.

Quality Education –

The UK’s education is monitored by The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the main aim of QAA is to maintain the education standards par excellence. This allows the universities, colleges, and schools to churn out great talent that later joins various prestigious organizations and even lead some. The regular audits and internal checks only improve the education level and keep on bringing innovation in teaching methods and provide students all the latest state-of-the-art technologies to carry on their researches for their assignment or thesis purposes.

Shorter Duration of Courses –

Unlike many countries, the courses are designed for shorter time-period, yet they are filled with intensive teaching and learning. This means you will have your degree sooner than you think without lacking any kind of quality education. Most undergraduate programs are for three years, while most graduate programs are for 1 year. This saves a lot of hassle, time, and money when you are on a student visa and living a frugal life for your future.

Thousands of Courses to Choose –

The UK is home to hundreds of universities offering huge choices of courses without compromising on the quality. Hence, students never face any limited choice to pick their courses. Moreover, their courses are modular, meaning they can design their course from various course options and all the subjects can reflect their interests. Also, students can study a combination of different subjects in their course. Many do it to develop their critical and analytical approach towards their field of interest. This kind of freedom is rarely allowed across the world.

Part-time Work-

Like many western countries, the UK allows students to work legally for 20 hours a week. The timings are more than sufficient for a student to cover up his living cost, while some also manage to save some tuition fees for the next year.  Working during study gives you the industry experience which prepares your resume and helps you to grab a job post your course.

Exploring European Lifestyle-

The UK is well-connected to Europe and a student can explore many beautiful places in the European continent like France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, etc. There are a few dozen countries to explore and luckily, all countries have their own unique culture and cuisines. Many international students love exploring Europe and broaden their perspectives about life in general.

Health Benefits to International Students –

Through the National Health Service (NHS), you will have a medical cover-up in the time of any emergency. This takes off a huge burden from the mind and students focus on their academics without worrying about their medical bills. This order can be availed by paying International Health Surcharge.

Work Permit –

The UK government allows 2 years work permit post-course completion. The work permit can be extended based on certain rules and a job related to your area of expertise. The relaxed work permit rules allow many international students to fly to the UK for their better future.

Multiculturalism –

The UK is the home to almost all ethnicity and cultures imaginable, making it the most multi-cultural place. The vibrant cultures and festive vibes around the year, keep the cities alive and full of energy. Students face no such physical and mental turmoil and racism stories are the things of the past. The strict laws protect international students from any misconduct.

The Britishers are polite people in general and welcoming to the new immigrants. Different societies celebrate their festivals, making The UK a very lively and vibrant place to study and work.