FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is IELTS Coaching Mandatory for me?

Yes and no. The answer is not simple until you don’t evaluate your performance. Many students, who have strong English background, with self-practice score their desired band. Such students don’t need any IELTS coaching.

However, most students need to enroll in an IELTS institute to help in the exam preparation. For example, students with non-English background during their schooling or college days need a tutor, as their command on the English language is not up to the mark.

Such students need a teacher until they don’t achieve the desired result. Remember, IELTS is a test designed to check your English proficiency and how much skilled you are to use the language for the easier life in EFL (English as Foreign Language) countries.

Students, according to their levels, take their time to do the test. Some students find reading module hard and they need constant practice and detailed discussion session with a teacher until they don’t score the required band in their IELTS mock test. Similarly, some find problems in writing Task -1, while some find writing Task -2 difficult. With proper use of grammar and using all 4 writing parameters, you can score well in the exam. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to understand the parameters or to address the problems that halt your score and progress.

Many students, who are not good at English, do self-practice and often struggle in the exam. Hence, it all depends on the level of student and the score he/she wants. Students who have good English background and let’s say, he/she wants band 7 in IELTS GT writing, usually look for IELTS coaching.

Do you Claim Voxcel is the Best Institute in Ludhiana?

We don’t believe in bragging, nor are we in competition with anyone. That doesn’t yield any results. We are devoted to helping out students to score and migrate to their dream countries for a better future. Hence, it’s up to our students to consider us Best Institute in Ludhiana or not, either way, we respect their thoughts.

We don’t know what others do, but we are focused on our goal of providing world-class education to our students and we are 100% committed to doing so.

We take a result-oriented approach and provide detailed attention to each student at Voxcel. We don’t differentiate if the student is good in English or have just started his/her IELTS exam journey. We teach with great love and passion and have organized our classes to bespeak what we offer to the learners.

We are adherent believers of experiential learning; hence, we keep on trying new strategies on our students, depending on their level and how they can improve their IELTS performance. For example, if some students are good in True/False/Not Given and need help in Paragraph Matching in IELTS reading, we focus on their weaknesses individually, rather than burdening them on doing those things again-and-again in which they are already good. This saves a lot of time and they do their IELTS in a short time. Moreover, this gets us to produce great desirable results and cement the 100% trust of students in us.

Hence, we don’t get into the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana race, rather we work on developing new methodologies for our students and help them to improve their exam performance and secure their study visa or PR visa.

Will I do 4 IELTS modules daily at Voxcel?

The IELTS exam is not about doing all 4 modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking on daily basis. It’s about how good you are in the English language and how well you can understand and communicate in it.
Many students even take double batch classes and do all 4 modules twice, yet they fail to score even band 6 in each module, let alone going further than this.

IELTS is not about modules, but it is about the practice and improving your weaknesses. Until and unless you don’t find your weak points in English and work on them, you will always fail in the IELTS exam.

We understand this and have designed our classes in such a way that students perform great in their exam, yielding great IELTS results. Every alternative day, we have a Problem Solving Sessions Day, where we address every problem of students individually and prepare different approaches using the performance parameter, which we keep on calculating every week. This way we come to know what is working and what isn’t.

Remember “One man’s medicine is another man’s poison”, and we believe every student has his/her mindset and different level to grasp the subject. We also create self-study plans for students according to their IELTS practice and capability and help them to advance in their progress.

Sometimes, we do 4 modules, depending on the overall class performance and the time allotted. Mostly, we don’t rush things and focus on each module attentively; so days are allotted in such a way that even if you skip a class, we will cover it for you the following day.

Why IELTS Coaching is of 4 hours, and not 8 hours batches at Voxcel?

Although there’s no time constraint when you are studying, we have seen many students getting tired doing a language after few hours and they stop being productive and even they don’t remain attentive at class and choose to bury them in their imaginations.

Time duration matters when you want to do achieve something without dangling it, especially in the IELTS exam. We are humans with some limitations. Unlike computers, our mind stops producing the output after a few hours and learning a language for 8 hours by doing merely modules, will hardly produce any desirable results. For some students, such long hour classes do make wonders, but majority fail to remain attentive – and when they go home, they are so much drained that they hardly have the energy to revise what they learned in their IELTS coaching center.

We have been told to provide 8 hours classes, but what we teach in a 4-hour class is sufficient for students, if they attentively work on them at home. Many learners want a good score in the exam, but fail to do hard work and even fail to revise what they learn in the class. This is why they look for such long hours batches where they don’t have to study at home, but again they fail to stay productive and attentive in such classrooms and the result remains the same.

Let’s consider this from this angel. In your school classroom, you have/had around 30 students. Some of them were good in studies, while some struggled and scored passing marks. What’s the difference between those students albeit when they had the same teaching from teaching in the same schooling hours? Some studied at home for hours, revising what they learned in the school during the day. This developed their cognitive skills and they scored the top marks. Same is with IELTS coaching and we position ourselves to offer experiential learning which enhances the critical thinking of students.

How to Find Best IELTS Coaching in Ludhiana?

It’s not only about Ludhiana. Even if you are looking for best IELTS coaching in Punjab, or in any region per se, you should visit the place and look at their teaching methodologies and what they have to offer.
Look how they teach. Take demo classes and give a mock test to see how they evaluate your writing and speaking and how well they offer their feedback to improve your performance.

Many students blindly follow their friends or enrol in such institutes where someone in their social circle passed from, neglecting the level of English understanding difference between them. They end up losing money in the process and also their time, patience, trust on teachers, and sanity.

When we attend such students, they are often frustrated with IELTS and even call it a scam or fraud. They fail to see what mistakes they have done, like never working on their weaknesses or never took any professional help to improve their performance.

Most of the time when asked how they did the preparation, they all show the same pattern. They tell about doing modules after modules and never got the right feedback on their writing and speaking. They only changed IELTS institutes and never bothered to find a real teacher, who can help them out.

This is a very common mistake and the dangerous side is, when such students come to us or any good teacher, they often lose their confidence and it takes a lot of efforts to ignite confidence in them.

So whenever you enter in any IELTS coaching center in Ludhiana or anywhere, ask about their teaching patterns and will they solve your problems and also how will address them during the mock test.

Will I Get Detailed Assessment on IELTS Writing Task – 2?

Yes!! This is your right and you definitely should never compromise for it. Until you will not get the detailed assessment on IELTS writing Task -2, how will you understand where the problem lies? The average IELTS writing score globally is 5.5 band. Majority of the students find writing module challenging and they struggle to score minimum band 6 in Academic and General Training students remain stuck at band 6.5 even after giving many IELTS exams.

They don’t get the assessment that they deserve through which they can come to know which things need improvement to improve their writing. Mostly they are told they need to improve their Task Response, and GRA, but they are never shown how to improve them.

When a student takes IELTS coaching, he/she hopes to get proper teaching. Alas! Most teachers don’t do this and this only harms the students in the long run. Many leave their abroad dreams and find other ways to immigrate. Immigration (PR and Study Visa) is not cheap. It’s terrible to think that you are not eligible for the Visa just because you didn’t get a good score in writing?

Voxcel teachers understand this pain and our teaching process is customized for students. We don’t believe in traditional ways of teaching, rather we enhance the methodologies according to the individuals.

IELTS Writing Task -2 has Four Parameters: Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, and Grammar Range & Accuracy. All parameters are checked individually by the examiners and scored on the scale of 9. In layman terms, each parameter covers 25% of your overall band score of Task -2. Knowing all of them will help you to pinpoint the weaknesses and working on them.

When you come for IELTS coaching at Voxcel, you get the real-time experience of giving an exam. We tell all those things that are laid down by IELTS Official website and aware you what you need to do to improve your overall performance.

Will I Get Detailed Assessment on IELTS Writing Task – 1?

YES! You will and why shouldn’t you? IELTS institutes that don’t provide detailed assessments on writing task -1 don’t deserve to carry on their operations. They have no right to play with anyone’s future. We discuss the public version of Writing Task – 1 parameter (Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, and Grammar Range & Accuracy) with students and tell every little detail in depth. This prepares their mind and creates a pattern to follow the guidelines when they write task -1 for the marking.

We don’t hesitate to discuss the same thing again-and-again until they don’t get the concept. On our Problem Solving Sessions Day, many students ask the repeated questions for Task – 1, and we happily address them.

A student who is enrolling in an IELTS coaching institute has all the rights to discuss whatever he wants related to the studies. Not only on problem day, but also on normal days we discuss them anytime in the class or after it. It’s our pleasure to see the good IELTS exam results of our students.

The graphs can be tricky and the language often needs a good understanding to use the right word. Many students struggle for days till they start improving in them. Although Task -1 is of 3 bands, it can change the entire course of your writing overall score, if attempted accurately.

When students get a detailed assessment and what things they are doing wrong, it lessens the burden because they sharpen their focus to writing good and accurate. For example, most students struggle to write good sentences in Simple Past and Passive Voice.

When do you take IELTS Mock Test?

Saturday. This is the day when students are given IELTS mock test to perform what they learn during the entire week. It’s how we understand their progress.

From Monday – Friday, we take different measures and approaches to work on individual weaknesses and create a plan for students to improve their scores from the past tests. This way we compare the performances and keep working on the weak areas that need attention.

Our IELTS mock test gives a similar experience of giving actual IELTS exam. We evaluate and score the writing and Speaking in the same fashion just like the exam result. For example, Writing and Speaking are marked on 4 parameters and we give a detailed assessment on both and do thorough discussions with the students and even write band 9 sample answer if, in case, they don’t get the topic. This way, students remain motivated and inspired to keep pushing through.

Students are encouraged to never skip the IELTS mock test because it gives them an idea to book exam date. It’s better to know where you stand and what are your strengths and weaknesses than wasting loads of bucks on the exam.

Moreover, it’s also our way to judge the new students who come for a demo class. We give them a Mock Test to see where they stand and how much work they need to do. It doesn’t matter if you are an old student of IELTS or are alien to it; your English abilities will tell you how long the journey can be. This way, we present reality to the learners without sugarcoating anything.

Are you a partner of IDP IELTS?

Yes!!! We are an official partner of Idp IELTS and we are honoured to be so. This doesn’t mean the British Council is any less. Both are same and mirror each other. It’s that we got the opportunity to be a partner with IDP IELTS first, so we grabbed it and most of the students in Ludhiana, Punjab, ask for IDP IELTS exam.

Moreover, in Punjab, IDP is conducting CD-IELTS exam, so tech-savvy students can easily give the test, which happens regularly 2 times a day.

Timing Slots: 9 am – 12 pm and 5 – 8 pm

In Chandigarh, the facility to give IELTS speaking on Video Call is gaining popularity and IELTS Idp might roll the feature pan India for several reasons.

Firstly, it helps students who have glossophobia. In the absence of a physical teacher, they can perform better and can have a hold on their breaths. Often, it’s seen that many students who are capable of scoring band 7 in Speaking fail to score even band 6 due to their fear among the teacher. This technique has raked great reviews and many students now prefer Chandigarh Idp center for this reason and not for any other.

Moreover, Idp IELTS offers speaking slots options to students which they can choose according to the given dates available for them as per their exam date. This helps students to prepare their mind in advance for IELTS speaking.

Other than that, there’s NO DIFFERENCE in BOTH EXAMS. Both are co-partners of Cambridge Assessment of English and conduct the same given exam on the same given date in a particular country. For example, if you are giving exam of Idp IELTS in Ludhiana and someone is giving British Council exam in New Delhi on the same date, the exam and checking pattern and criteria will be the same. There’s will no difference in the result.

What is IELTS Scepter?

‘IELTS Scepter’ is a notion that is designed to help the students looking to score their desired band in the IELTS exam. The scepter is a symbol of sovereignty carried by royals, rulers, monarch etcetera. The book carries the same essence and offers you the supreme power to draw for your exam.

It is a handbook of timeless knowledge collected from various trusted sources. The book will cover what a student generally needs to focus on all four modules and how he/she can do it. If the book is studied over-and-over, it will produce positive results in the examination. The authors are given due credit and some of the content is also owned by Voxcel writers.

Over the years, Voxcel has helped students to secure their IELTS band score and Visa, but one thing always bugged us. Students were confused and, often, clueless of what to do and what not to. Most of them had/have false myths regarding the exam. The book solely aims to provide right insight about the exam and how it can be cracked. For example, what mistakes students often do in their writing and speaking exam are discussed.

The book is an excerpt from the ocean of knowledge from the web and various books. Most of the times, students get scared seeing so much information available and feel perplexed where to look. This book solves this paradox and presents a platform for them.

Most of the students fail to score their desired band score because either they are unprepared or they don’t have the right mindset to write the exam. This book is aimed to teach the students why it’s crucial to evaluate your mistakes in improving your overall IELTS performance.

We teach students in the same fashion, thus producing great results continuously.

Will I Get Detailed Assessment on IELTS Speaking?

Yes! You deserve it 100% and we advise no student should settle for less. If you know where you are lacking in IELTS speaking, you will work on that certain area. Sometimes, it can be punctuation; sometimes tenses (especially Simple Present and Simple Past) and sometimes you don’t know how to use intonations.

Many things play a key role in IELTS speaking and if you don’t know them, you will repeatedly score low band. For example, many students from rural Punjab often mispronounce ‘Work’ as ‘Berk’ or ‘Job’ as ‘Yob’ etc. The list is endless and the surprising thing is they are not aware of their bad pronunciation.

When you ask a student which is the most important parameter in IELTS speaking, he/she often say it’s grammar. He’s/she’s right to some extent because grammar is the backbone of any language. Sadly, the majority ignores the importance of punctuation how magically it can improve your overall speaking band score.

Speaking is judged on 4 parameters: Fluency and Coherence, Pronunciation, Lexical Resource, and Grammar Range and Accuracy. Knowing them in detail impact your speaking performance. Each parameter, just like writing, covers 25% of the total score.

Many don’t know the treasure value of Simple Present and Simple Past tenses during the speaking interview. A lot of aspirants make many mistakes and fail to maintain consistency. The IELTS examiner considers these grave mistakes. Moreover, they fail to show the range in their sentences and keep talking like a toddler that limit them to 5.5 band score or less.

The answer should be well fleshed out and should be coherent. For example, Section – 1 answer should be around 20 – 25 seconds minimum and Section – 3 answers should be 40-45 seconds minimum. Most don’t consider these and repeat the question in their answer beginning. It’s wrong. Examiners hate the repetition and repeating their question to cover up some content and time will only harm your IELTS speaking. Instead, you can paraphrase the question and add up the content by giving some views from personal experience and the objective point of view. This will signal the examiner about your great command on the speaking.

When Should I Fill the IELTS Exam?

The answer is neither simple nor complex. Only you can answer when to fill the IELTS Exam. The decision is big, as it involves a good amount of money. The exam is not cheap and it comes with a price tag, which can’t be afforded by the majority again-and-again.

A teacher can help and advice, but deep inside you know how much time you need considering your skills in the English language.

Sadly, many students or I say millions of students do this mistake and fill their IELTS exam before they are well-prepared. They think they have been taking coaching for 2-3 months, and now it’s time to go for the exam. They fail to maintain the consistency in their performance, yet they become assured of their success in the IELTS result. Sadly, their performance in the exams mirrors class’s mock tests.

If you are unable to score band 6 in listening and reading even after doing it consistently, how can you score those in the exam, when the level of the paper will be almost similar? Students, sadly, fail to grasp this and they keep on losing their precious money in the process.

Some students are insecure and compare them with those students having good English background. Such students again think taking IELTS coaching for a few months is enough and teachers are mad who want their money. NO! That’s not the case always. It’s simple to evaluate your performance.

We always tell our students to assess how much score they are consistently getting in their mock tests. We always use Cambridge Books in our classes. Since Cambridge Assessment English owns IELTS and conducts the tests with its co-partners IDP and British Council, the level is the same.

It’s that easy and still many students prefer to give deaf ears only to rejoin the classes and then listen carefully to what teachers’ say.

Sometimes, students are well prepared and yet they fail to score in the exam. It happens because many times, we fail to comprehend the pressure cooker environment. We shouldn’t be discouraged, rather learn from the mistakes and prepare ourselves to be better.

Hence, fill IELTS exam only when you are on a certain band level and showing consistency in it. It will increase your chances to score a similar band that you are hoping for.