Study Visa Process

Voxcel Group has a smooth study visa process for different countries, which makes it one of the best study visa consultants in Ludhiana, Punjab and we are now expanding to different domains online. No matter the country, we always believe in transparency and always keep the student in the loop. Study Visa is not the end goal for us. For us, creating a life with infinite opportunities such as highly paid jobs, acquiring skills to fill the market gap and permanent residency are more of the concerns.


The study Visa process involves not only money but also dreams and emotions. A little mistake can cost unimaginable damages. Hence, we at Voxcel do the thorough counselling of a student before moving forward with the application.

We do detailed discussions with the ward and also counsel his/her parents to understand the vision and dreams. After understanding their thought process, we then counsel them regarding the realities and what to expect. It keeps our clients under reality check and makes the study visa process smooth and streamlined.


This is the second stage of our Study Visa Process. After listing down the key points about student’s dreams regarding his/her dream country and future career prospects, we evaluate the profile to present the best options for a strong future foundation.

Since every country has different rules such as post-work permits and PR (permanent residency), we bring such options to the table so the student and his/her parents can understand better. Sometimes, students make the wrong study abroad decision just due to relatives or friends being there.

We don’t let that happen and make great choices for students which can bring success to their beautiful future.


After carefully pinpointing the best study visa options for a student, we wait for the approval. Since our work process is completely transparent, we allow our clients to do thorough research from their end, so they can be rest assured about the place, college/university, course selection and other things related to the place where the ward is going.

Once the student chooses the most suitable option from the given career options, we start working on the profile. Firstly, we apply for the offer letter, which takes time to generate according to the intake and other alternatives. Once we get that the study visa profile preparation begins.

We make sure that each and everything asked by the embassy is taken care of: Academic certificates, IELTS/PTE/TOEFL certificate, SOP (Statement of Purpose). Our SOPs are unique and are written from scratch and tailored to sound relevant to the student’s profile. After completing the profile, we allow our clients to cross-check and verify all the documents. Once we get approval, we do file lodgement.


Getting a Study Visa is the dream of millions of students who want to explore the world-class education of the West and dream to create a strong future for themselves.

Our success rate is 100% because we only pick those cases that deserve the visa. Once the Visa comes, it’s time to celebrate. A little cake-cutting ceremony is done at our office to offer our best wishes to the student and to motivate him/her for great success.

We then guide the student about many things that will not allow him/her to have a culture shock and book the plane ticket.

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