Immigration is a daunting process until you don’t have an expert team at your disposal. Our team of skilled lawyers makes it possible for our clients to migrate to their dream countries. We mainly focus on the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe (Schengen Countries): Germany, Spain, France, and Scandinavian regions etc.

Immigration is done on three bases mainly: Permanent Residency, Naturalization Visa (Including Marriage) and Investor Visa (Business Visa Program).

Some countries allow direct PR on a merit basis, while some also consider family reunification-based PR.

Every year, thousands of super-rich Indians take the PR (Permanent Residency Visa) route to extend their businesses overseas and live a luxurious life.

Investor Visa

This program is currently very popular among the elite class Indians, who migrate overseas to extend their business empires and to find new opportunities for new ventures. Unlike other Visa, the Investor Visa Program is designed differently and asks the attention of the experts to file the case for the Visa grant.

Voxcel processes each case in a detailed manner and prepares a solid file to lodge in the embassy. We figure out a lot of things and find a way that suits your profile. We do thorough counselling sessions and understand your business premises before telling you the best options for your business growth and excellence.

Permanent Residency

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Indians leave India to find a better place to call home, which can underscore the importance of their dreams and can often be amazing opportunities to grow. Currently, Canada and Australia are the top favourite destinations for Indians to take the direct PR (Permanent Residency) route.

Although the process seems easy, having a professional team can help you get a PR grant without going through any hassle. Voxcel has been able to distinguish itself in the market and has carved a place in the heart of the clients, who have got direct PR through us. We strictly adhere to embassy rules and follow a certain procedure to assess the success case.

Naturalisation Visa

It’s the process of acquiring citizenship or nationality of the country where your strings are attached through blood relation. It’s more commonly known as family reunification and a lot of people take this route to unite with their families, waiting in a particular country. The process is different for different countries and it may involve a detailed application and approval of legal authorities of a country.

There are many reasons why the ‘Investor Visa Program’ for developed countries is best for your business and your family in the long run.

  • Low Crime Rate.
  • High Literacy Rate.
  • Superior Judicial System.
  • Freedom to do Business.
  • Government Funding for Start-ups.
  • Free Education.
  • Better Return on Investment.
  • Vibrant Markets to Enjoy Weekends.
  • Unmatched Infrastructure.
  • Clean and well-contractual Road System.
  • Pollution-free Air.
  • Systematized Network.
  • Low Inflation.
  • Easily Access to Best Talent in the World.
  • Best Universities and Colleges.
  • Highly Educated workforce.
  • Supporting Environment.