Study in Canada

Canada is one of the largest economies and the 2nd largest country in the world. It consistently ranks in top 10 Quality of Life index by the United Nations and offers a high standard of living. The country offers a peaceful environment and presents seamless opportunities’ for foreign students to showcase their true potentials. The country has a lot of world-class institutions that offer best-in-class education in various streams, and shape students to secure an admirable job in reputed companies.

Undoubtedly, Canada is a dream place for millions of people and every year a lot of foreign students migrate to Canada to find career changing opportunities. With the first-rate education system, Canada has become an ideal place for superior learning.

Since Canada is an immigrant friendly nation, there are many other reasons to choose Canada over other nations for your international education destination. Below are some of the heightened points that crown Canada as the best place to study, work, or immigrate.

Globally Recognized Education

Canada’s schools, colleges, and universities follow a rigorous education parameter to impart best-in-class education and to train the students to work under extreme condition without any complaints. The Canadian education is deliberately designed to unlock many doors for you and to make you stand apart from the crowd in your chosen field. Earning a Canadian degree or diploma will help you to get recognized and will help you to find a suitable job anywhere in the world. The Canadian education is equaled to the level of the United States and Commonwealth Nations.

Affordable Education

Although Canada is the place to expect only quality and world-class education, one thing that makes Canada favorable for countless foreign students is its affordable education. Unlike the US, Commonwealth and European nations, Canada’s education is quite affordable and offers a great ROI (Return on Investment). Even at the budgeted price, the education is completely equivalent to that of US big schools/colleges/universities. Hence, Canada is often preferred as the first choice for most of the students, especially for the students coming from the Asian continent.

Immigrant Friendly

Canada is regarded as the most immigrant-friendly nation in the world. The Visa rules aren’t stiffed as compare to the US, UK, Australia, or European nations. It’s easy to obtain Permanent Residency after few years of working, whereas it can take decades to obtain the US PR. There are always high chances for students to obtain Canadian PR without them leaving the nation and applying from their home country. Canadian Government keeps on relaxing the migration laws to help international students to find their permanent home in Canada.

All of the major Canadian cities have shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, gardens, adventure parks, different play-zones, sports center, GYMS, etc. to feel like home. Moreover, the country has a strict gun laws – and that makes it a safe place to study.

Land of Possibilities

Canada has a dynamic and hands-on environment for academic as well for non-academic people. Here, the students not only get a quality education and able to access best resources to gain excellence in their subjects, but also learn various skills to properly demonstrate them and hone their learned skills in the real life under the guidance of industry leaders. Canada houses a lot of Fortune 500 companies and is the home of multiple Nobel Prize winners that tells about the different opportunities available for the students.

Teachers and professors in classes are always upfront to help the students in their matter and also help them to come out from their comfort zones.

High Standard of Living

Since 1994, Canada is continuously ranking in Top 10 nations to live according to the United Nations’ Quality of Life index, thus offering one of the best environments to sustain a good and healthy lifestyle. More than 75% of Canadians own their home and have every luxury and amenity in their lives like automobiles, electronic items, and other necessary items. Undoubtedly, Canada has one of the best health care systems in the world that is designed by the Canadian Government to protect the basic human rights of the residents from the unforeseen conditions. The health care is also known as Universal Health Care system and only a handful nations offer such facility to the residents.

The media and IT sector is rich, affluent, and is constantly growing at a good place. Every year, a lot of world-class trade shows and film festivals (Toronto International Film Festival) take place in Canada that welcome various famous personalities. Apart from that, Canada offers many different museums, zoos, concerts, international artists’ performances, live theater, galleries to enjoy.

Exotic Campus Life

Canada’s universities and colleges aren’t only equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology but also offer countless other exotic amenities that are unmatched to any. From Olympic-style sports concerts to world-class theaters, there are countless things to do in the campus and to explore your hidden talents under the extreme guidance of industry experts. Moreover, you get an opportunity to network with like-minded and passion driven people to start your own successful venture. Many of the famous and settled entrepreneurs have started their career this way. In layman’s term, Canadians campuses are your door to countless opportunities.

Healthy and Safe Communities

Canada is the place of people belonging to different nations, living in complete harmony and peace. The Canadian Government takes strict measure to maintain the peace among the citizens and promote immigrant-friendly bills in the Cabinet to encourage the locals to stay friendly and warm to the immigrants.

Furthermore, Canada always ranks in top friendly nations list by U.N. (United Nations) every year. Hence, it’s the place to be as an international student where your human rights are protected and you are given equal opportunities as any other to prove your talent.

Relaxed PR Rules After Studies

Canada is one of the most friendly immigrant countries, having the most relaxed P.R. (permanent residency) rules. The Canadian Government assures that the best talent gets the PR in a short period after a student  completes his/her study; hence, the students can start their post college graduation and can look for better employment among the abundant job opportunities existing for the deserving candidates. It makes Canada one of the student friendly countries to study.