Online classes


Voxcel offers comprehensive online education platform for the IELTS learners, especially for GT students, who look for the personalized experience of world-class teaching, sitting at their homes. Our online classes are flexible and are designed to complement the student’s needs and preferences, chiefly for students in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and The UK to lodge their Permanent Residency.

The online course offers personalized feedback on Writing and Speaking modules and helps the students to assess their weak points for the improved band score in the exams. The professional instructors teaching at ‘Voxcel’ breathe passion and commitment to help the learners improvising their performance.

The course was introduced seeing a lot of students, especially from Punjab region demanding for quality online education, without needing to return to the state for just being confined within a four-wall classroom. The education system is upgrading so are we? After hearing requests from many students, we planned to make it public for all who want the right supervision.

Course Structure

We believe in experiential learning and love assisting those who find IELTS a tough nut to crack. Hence, there’s a teacher to teach you the various aspects of the exam and to offer personalized feedback on Writing and Speaking modules, as these demands an expert’s attention for the improvement. We also critically examine the Listening and Reading sections and prepare strategies for the candidates to increase the band scores. This is all done with proper methodology and assessment of the student on various levels. It helps us to map-out the routine to follow and to use the practical learning for the positive output.

Who can do the online course

Anyone with the passion to succeed in the exam can do. Currently, most of the embassies have upgraded their Permanent Residency options and have made IELTS General Training (GT) mandatory to write with required band score to qualify. Hence, students who are already eligible to file their PR or are studying in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia etcetera have to sit in the IELTS exam again with high band score requirement.

How do we teach

We start with assigning complete writing  and speaking tasks of the candidate to address the weaknesses. It helps both the parties to collaborate and to create an emotional bond for the deeper understanding and for the desired band score needed in the exam.

The Salient Features –

• Personalized Attention.
• Availability of Expert.
• Flexible Timings.
• Detailed Assessment of Tasks Everyday.
• Time Management.

The platform we use to educate

Well, we are having few options to choose and we pick those that suit candidate the best. Personally, we prefer Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout and Zoom. However, if a student is comfortable with some other technology, we will love to cater such need on demand.

Please get in touch with us to inquire more about the course.