Study Visa

Study Overseas or Study Abroad! The words that excite a student to feel the freedom, to do something meaningful and to open his wings to fly higher in life, because for the man: ‘The Sky is the Limit’.

Voxcel Group helps aspirants to find their careers abroad by carefully selecting the right academic options and university/college for a bright future. In a short period, we have achieved the pinnacle of success and have helped countless students realise their study-abroad dreams. We have a strong network with lots of reputed institutions around the globe and deliberately assist you in choosing the best course according to your qualifications and even advise you to choose the best option for a meaningful and rewarding career.

Our counselling experts have a collective experience of more than 2 decades and are readily available to access your documents to properly advise you regarding the course.

We are clothed in honesty, loyalty, and sincerity, and are highly motivated to serve our clients with the motive to assist them in choosing the best course and university to propel their academic scores and to land a better job in their dream country.

Finding the right kind of environment to do your study course is critical. You can’t compare apples with oranges. Hence, it’s a bad idea to move to a country just for the sake of settling and then facing lots of trouble afterwards. It’s better to drop such ideas and face reality; we help you choose the right place for your higher education and assist you in securing a student/study visa.

We understand the nature of the different courses and their potential to land a white-collar job.

Countries We Deal in for Student Visa

Our Process

The process begins with accessing all your documents: 10th and 12th Marks Sheet, Bank Account Funds, Valid Proofs, IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE Score Card, Valid Passport etc.

After accessing all your documents, we assist with finding the right information for the Visa process. Let’s be honest: every study visa case is different, and hence, every case requires different valid proofs to properly conduct the process. Our work is completely transparent and we believe in doing only ‘Legal Work’. Hence, we don’t do anything that would harm our image as education and immigration consultants and would weaken your case in the embassy. No way!

We don’t follow such practices. Simply put, we don’t believe in forging documents. That’s an illegal practice and we are completely disconnected from doing such things. Moreover, we don’t entertain students with weaker cases and don’t play with their future. Rather we mentor them on how to strengthen their case for student visa success and assist them in their journey all along.

What Voxcel Group Offers You

  • Unbiased Services
  • 10000+ Study Options
  • Transparent Services
  • Factual Information
  • Industry Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Healthy Counseling