How English Films Help in IELTS

IELTS test takers, know what? You can do it with fun and frolic by watching English films. Yes, that’s the mantra to do it without too much fussing about it. I often meet many students, who consider IELTS a huge burden on their back and clearing it would be the best thing for them. Their mind starts forming a negative image of the exam and they suffer in the process.

I always advise my students to watch English films with subtitles and then, without. It helps them tremendously.

Most students ignore the power of listening and they keep listening to songs and keep watching films in their native language and find them struggling, especially in the the listening module. 

English films and songs are a great escape from the monotonous life and they rejuvenate us with spirit and inspiration.

I remember one student asked me “How films can help in becoming fluent in English?”

She’s now having (8, 7, 7, 7) – the golden score for Express Entry for Canada.  Now, she’s in Vancouver. Canada, on the PR card and is enjoying the Canadian life with her husband.

Have you ever thoughts how a child before enrolling in a kindergarten sharpens up his grammar without ever reading anything? It’s so simple. He does it by listening to his parents and the people around him. That is the power of listening and most people ignore it.

Films do the same magic with the viewer. You don’t even come to know how films re-program your subconscious mind and help you with a great band score.

So start watching loads of English films with subtitles to have a better grasp and understanding of the content. It will help you with all 4 parameters and will prepare you for the test in a better and efficient way.

If you know someone who got good bands in the test, ask them about their liking for the English movies. Majority times, you will hear “Oh, I love watching Hollywood movies. I watch them all the time. I think they produce the best content with amazing story-lines” etc. kinds of lines will come from their mouths.

Let’s see the benefits of watching films …

Enjoyable Learning Experience –

Films are often loved and regarded by many as the greatest dose of entertainment. Hollywood has a special place in the movie world for producing movies with coherent content that not only each various life lessons but is fun-packed, too.  

Moreover, films teach students about western culture and act as a great motivator to follow their dreams for a good life.

Films offer Varied Language and Dialects –

Through films, students learn a lot about the different accents and dialects of English speakers. Since most of the Hollywood films have native English speaker actors; it becomes so helpful for the students to treat them as the guidebook for their IELTS practice. Many students learn how to speak naturally by observing the actors and perform miraculously well. 

Students often complain of not having a speaking partner to rehearse for the speaking module. Films can help them to converse in a real-life situation and how to sound natural in the English language. They can learn how to express their thoughts and emotions cohesively.

How You Can Learn from Films –

Subtitles –

It’s the best way to get familiar with English films. Many students complain that they hate watching English content because they find it hard to understand and they doze off within a few minutes of the play. Use the subtitles of the films and songs. This will help you to understand what’s going on in the content. Pause and read the subtitles if you don’t get them for any reason. Rewind and then again watch the scene. This will train your mind in a better way and with time, you will start getting the content without needing to rewind.

Once you become habitual of watching films with subtitles, watch them without help. Now calculate how much improvement you have while hearing English content. Some students watch English content before and later – on add subtitles. Both work equally well.

Even when my students do a listening module and scoreless, I suggest they write down the right answers and listen to the audio again. This always works magic and the improvement is seen in their performance.

Retell –

Tell the story in your narrative. Write down a story of around 300 words similar to like practicing your writing Task – 2. It will help you to understand the writing in a better way and you will do the overall development of your English skills. Pin-point the most relevant details and write on that. Try using synonyms and keep the content coherent. It’s a fun exercise and will keep you engaging. You can envisage the things clearly and will be able to jot down the thoughts. The process will help tremendously in your Writing Task- 2. I often recommend this to my students; some do it and they perform better and write much cohesively than their counterparts.

Audio / Visual –

We teach and often see many students read and write differently. Many students who score 5.5 band in Academic test or students, who are limited to 6.5 bands in writing General Training do this mistake. They fail to complement the Task Response in their content and thus lose many band in the process.

When you watch films, you see what happenings on the screen by reading the subtitles. This helps your mind to grow and train to write and speak coherently. This strategy goes miles and helps the test-takers to secure the desired band score and secure their visa (study Visa or PR Visa). Our mind is designed to process the visuals in a better way than reading the words.

Conclusion –

Don’t underestimate the value of English films and songs. They can lay down the strong foundation for your future. Start watching them today. Enjoy your IELTS journey.

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