How to Find Best IELTS classes in Ludhiana, Punjab

Many students look for top-tanking IELTS classes and learn from a teacher that offers value and attention. Currently, Punjab is a hot immigration hub and the state exports hundreds of thousands of students with billions of USD in capital. 

IELTS and Immigration businesses have mushroomed and hardly, there’s any place left to see, where you don’t find flashy advertisements “Crack IELTS in 30 days guaranteed”, “Learn IELTS in 21 days” etc. These are all marketing gimmicks to milk innocent students for money.

Most students also mistake good infrastructure with the quality of studies it offers and loses a lot of money in the process. When they open their eyes, they then look for such places where they get trained according to the exam, not only just doing modules because only working your weaknesses will get you the desired band score.

I have listed out few things to notice before you enroll for the course –

Work on Weaknesses –

Many students as I mentioned above, just think modules can get them a good band score. They go for the big brands and many find disappointments at the end when the months have been passed, they are usually stuck with 5 – 5.5 overall band and they need at least 6 (6) band to qualify for study visa for Canada or any other developed country.

When I talk to such students, I find a similar pattern in their preparation. Many to my surprise still look to doing all 4 modules in a day and often tell if I can offer them the same. My question cleanly bowls them out. I ask, “If modules can get you the desired band, why you didn’t take it earlier?” 

Believe it or not, many still ask me the same thing, after failing their exam multiple times. I believe, it’ not their mistake. They are unable to process the right information, as where they go they find such kind of teaching pattern so they believe it’s the appropriate method to crack it.

“Insanity is doing same things again and again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

The quote from brilliant mathematics hits the nail on the head. This one sentence can lead us to the right path. If a thing is not working even after doing a few times, try changing the process. Many students still fail to get it and look for Spouse Visa (dependent Visa) as an easy route for the green pastures of the western countries.

What’s the right path?

Work on your IELTS’ weaknesses’, rather than doing modules again-and-again and expecting different results. Find a teacher who understands your weak areas and prepare a plan to help you improve them. Every student has a different mindset and works on their speed.

“Medicine for one can be a poison for the other”


I will repeat it again-and-again until you don’t get it. I tell this to my students every day and this is the reason, why Voxcel’s students’ passing ratio is the highest and many students are doing it who never believed in their dreams.

With my elder brother, Piyush Goyal, we give individual attention to students and thoroughly discuss the problems. It helps us and students to work as a team and the results are always fruitful.

Some students take some more time than the others, but eventually, they score. When we have a frustrated student, we often tell them, if we give you modules in our 4 hours class, it will be easy for us and tough for you, as we will have around 3 hours to relax during Listening, Reading, and Writing modules. They understand and agree to work with a team. –

Problem Sessions –

We have designed our weekdays so we can give attention and complete focus on individual students to have a continuous proven track record. Every alternative day we pick up the problems of students and discuss them in detail. This gives our students a chance to reflect on their performances and they evaluate them every day and check on their improvements. This way the picture becomes clearer day-by-day.

Problem sessions are not easy to hold and only a teacher with good intent can do. It requires dedication and passion to help the students out. We both brothers are always upfront and we don’t brag. It’s the reality I am telling so I can help you out where ever you are to choose the right classes before starting your journey.

Teaching –

In the boom of immigration, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is thinking of them IELTS teachers and opening their offices to fool students for their money. Many academies hire good looking staff, which can manipulate the gullible and can get the money they want. This is happening and there’s no stopping to it. The false advertisements guaranteeing the desired band or money-back guarantee are fooling the learners. 

A good teacher doesn’t promise the desired result, as it’s a criminal offense by ‘Cambridge Assessment English‘. A teacher can’t promise how the student will perform on the test day. Even a brilliant student can perform poorly in the pressure cooker environment and can score 9 band each in the second attempt, once he/she becomes familiar with the atmosphere of the examination hall.

When a new student comes for the counseling to our office, we don’t give any false hopes and show a clear picture. Some students find it hard to swallow and look for other places that can satisfy their insatiable egos or they look for such places that tell what they want to hear.

“The reality is always different than we project” – Varun Goyal

I don’t believe in telling comfortable lies and disappoint the students later. It destroys students’ dreams and can mentally upset them. Students also should not fall to such promises and marketing gimmicks that don’t offer any value and add salt to their miseries post the result, when they find the money and time they have lost in the process. 

Listen to what a teacher is telling and base your decision after evaluating it with reality.

Self Study –

Most students look for the best classes and think they have a magic wand or a magic potion that can produce great results. Many look for such classes that give them double batches. They think learning 8 hours straight (with a one-hour lunch break) can help them to cover all the 4 modules and they can book the exam within 2-3 months.

I call these marketing gimmicks because our mind stops being productive when you go for one same language learning.

Our school days are 6 hours long and there we learn many subjects. The maximum duration of a period is around 40 minutes (it differs from country-to-country). Even then, our mind gets tired and all our energy gets drained.

No doubt, many students find double batch IELTS classes’ fruitful and advantageous, but most only waste their money. When students come to Voxcel after taking such classes, I ask, “Did they study at home”? Their answer is, “No, we didn’t. We never had energy after taking batches back-to-back”.

Until and unless you don’t do self-assessment of your modules, you will struggle with the process and may leave it in frustration. Classrooms are not for modules. They are for discussing your problems and working on them.

No Shortcuts –

Most students live in a lie and trust what they hear either from someone or read on the internet. Students who don’t want to work hard, they look for shortcuts. They think having tips-and-tricks can get them at least 6 band each and they can board their plane to Canada etc. No. It’s a sweet lie that becomes poison. The exam is designed to check your English understanding. If it needs practice, no amount of tricks can work.

Any language demands hard work and minds need good practice to process the information faster. The neurons in our brain create a neurological pathway that shoots neurons through a created network. This is why we are so fluent in our native languages but struggle with a foreign one when we don’t practice hard.

“There’s no shortcut to IELTS”

Whether you want to believe it or not, I leave on you to decide on your future. Some tips-and-tricks can work, but they only show you how you can get a good band score. However, if your English is not good, and you are thinking of booking a test date, you are only gambling with your money.

Remember…  IELTS = VISA

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