Motivation Blog – An Introduction

Mankind has witnessed many greats who have had transformed the world with their ideas, innovations, projects, and companies. Their long-burning desire for success, never allowed them to relax until they achieved greatness.

Reading about them and learning from their mistakes and successes can dispel the darkness and can be our torch in the tough times.

Voxcel has introduced the motivation platform for the readers, especially English speaking learners and IELTS exams preparing students to find hope in their journey.

As we know, survival is well-built in our DNA and without it; humanity might cease to exist without any innovation. Since the dawn of humans on planet earth around 200,000 years ago, we are thriving with our non-stop hunger to make the lives better and comfortable.

“Survival of the fittest”

We, at Voxcel, have often noticed how students lose their hopes for study visa abroad dreams, once they fail their IELTS exam. Many start questioning their fate and compare them with their friends, who were weak in academics, yet got great band scores in their test and are on study visas for Canada, etc.

Some write their exams again-and-again and face failures. Most of them don’t want to work on their weaknesses, and keep doing the same mistakes and expect different results in the process.

It doesn’t work like this.

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Seeing all such things, we at Voxcel decided to start ‘the plinth to paramount’ stories of famous personalities and companies that have created the world we are living in. These blogs will help English speaking and IELTS institute goers to keep them motivated and always look beyond the horizon where the sun is waiting to shine on them.

Most famous people or the companies that transformed the world and the cultures didn’t have it easy. They faced repeated failures, but never called it quits. Instead, they found the ways that worked for them and kept on innovating and working on their core beliefs.

Sometimes students, being tender thinkers, limit their vision and blur their future with broken glasses. They fail to at the big picture and this is the reason why many IELTS students are depressed for not scoring their desired band score.

If we talk about writing modules for GT students, many fail to score 7+ bands in their writing to qualify for the Express Entry Program for Canada. Some also ignore their health and invite many medical problems and call it quits in the end.

As discussed above, sometimes such students don’t change their learning ways or don’t change their IELTS institutes that can address their real problems and make them successful in their exam.

The Bottom Line – You are never too old to try again for your dreams. You can do it if you change the mindset and start your beginning from a new level and perspective. Success can be yours.


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