Origin of Voxcel Group

Incorporated in the year 2013 in Ludhiana (Punjab), ‘Voxcel Group’ is trusted as the best IELTS class in Ludhiana. Founded by an International award-winning writer/filmmaker, Varun Goyal, Voxcel offers friendly ambiance and emphasizes the learning process in a creative way. Since Varun itself is a storyteller and has been telling stories since 2008, the learning becomes fun with the touch of storytelling.

Voxcel believes in creating every lecture as a music symphony where everything is taught like a great music note. It creates an environment to learn the topic without facing mentally challenges to understand the English topic. We are successfully doing this for years and will continue to progress in the field of educating the aspirants to not only learn the English language but to stay aware of the worldly facts and other knowledgeable things.

When the education becomes fun, our brain easily comprehends to the certain situations and works in accordance with that. Regardless of our age, we all have stories. The kids have stories to tell. The adults have stories to tell; the old aged people have stories to share. When we communicate with each other, we tell stories to sound like a great orator.

Voxcel has a story to tell, either. We are a group of passionate driven people whose motive is to educate the students regarding different aspects of the subject and assist them to rewire their brain to think broadly and differently. We believe in raising the consciousness to the utmost level where things look interesting and the process fuels the students to remain etched in confidence and high spirits.

Hence, we believe in teaching English through stories. When students converse with the teacher and tell their stories and listen to the stories of others, they naturally want to get involved.  That’s the magic of storytelling. It inspires them to break their shell and come out from their rock and face the world.

Come and tell your story. Be a part of creative folks who would push you further to find your hidden talents – and also make you love the English language, alongside.

‘The best way to improve your language is to start loving it’ – Varun Goyal  

 Come and fall in love with the English language.

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