Does IELTS Exam’s Location Matter?

A lot of students hailing from Punjab region remain confused regarding IELTS test exam center. Some believe that booking exam in Moga, Bathinda, and Patiala etcetera will get them better band score, while others refute these claims and believe that regardless of the place, it’s the preparation and mindset, which actually matter at the end.



The Answer? Well, NO. Yes, take it with a pinch of salt if that’s you didn’t want to hear.

IELTS is a non-profit organization of ‘University of Cambridge’ that regulates the functioning of the exam across the world. IDP and British Council act as the responsible authorities that undertake the responsibilities to conduct the IELTS exam impartially and have taken the pledge in doing so.  The examiners of both the organizations are well trained on same metrics to judge you on your English language abilities.

Consider it for a minute and apply the reasoning skills to the topic. Why would Cambridge be impartial to particular and selected cities that give you better band score? If it’s the scenario, then all students who appear in IELTS exam from those cities should get required band score. Does it happen? You know the answer.

Don’t trust the rumors that feed your insecurities because you are actually not prepared to write the IELTS exam and still doing it before the time. The result often comes unfavorable and IELTS is found at fault by the majority of candidates.


Only You!

Yes, only you. Without preparation, don’t consider writing IELTS exam, or any other language exam for that matter. You are not going to get the magical numbers on TRF (Test Report Form) printed automatically that can get you study visa abroad or Permanent Residency.

Many students waste a lot of their parents or their hard earned money by writing IELTS exam again-and-again. This brews deep frustration in them and they end up hating the English language overall. It’s natural and they have all the rights to show their frustration. However, they themselves bring them to the certain point where their study in Canada or Study in Australia etcetera dreams look bleak and blur.

Majority forget that it takes a huge amount of dedication and time to master any foreign or new language, regardless of the origin and similarities of language to their native tongue. English is no exception. Since the dialects of English vastly differ from any of Indian language, especially for Punjabi language, it demands high concentration, focus, passion, and determination of the learner to master it skillfully without losing any aspect of English exam in the abyss.

ALAS! Most students, who hail from Punjabi background, have studied books/courses in their regional languages during their high school don’t really get the insight and end up rushing the things that derail their juggernaut at the end. It’s a common myth that IELTS is all about few months course and if you can’t do it, change the tutor or academy. That’s not going to help you, either.

IELTS is all about your understanding of the English language and if it’s working, then no place is wrong for you to write your exam. For instance, if you are from Ludhiana, then there’s no reason to book for IELTS exam for Moga test center etc., just write your IELTS exam in Ludhiana, and save yourself the hassle for unnecessary traveling. Write your IELTS exam ferociously and live your dreams in reality.

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