Why I Became An English Teacher

I never thought I would ever teach IELTS in my life. However, ‘life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get out of it’. That is just a summary of my story, which still amazes me on a deeper emotional level and I feel privileged to teach students and aspirants, looking forward to studying aboard or looking to enhance their English language skills. I always thought I will be a movie director but here I am, an English teacher and proud of it!

I can clearly recall the first year of my college graduation. I was pursuing Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), but I was least interested in playing with the figures. You know accounts? Well, it’s all about figures. Deep inside, I knew, I was meant for something, which I didn’t realize until the mid of the 1st year of my college. I found my love for the writing. In the matter of time, it got increased and I continuously explored different thoughts and purged my feeling on the blank sheet.

As the time elapsed, I honed my writing and my English learning skills – and wrote a touching story titled ‘True Love’. I never pondered that I would write such a beautiful short tale that will touch many hearts and soul, and will bring light to many lives.

The joy was doubled when the story was picked up by an American Production Company to make a short film over it. God does work in a miraculous way and hearing the news was no less than a miracle. It took a while, but eventually, the film got produced and won many accolades and earnest respect of American Film Industry’s big aces. At this point, I said to myself “what if I become an English teacher and help many young people in Punjab achieve bigger thing?.”

Since writing is my drug, I always put in a shift to improve my English and to hone my writing skills. For me, the sky is the limit and I continue to develop my abilities to become a better writer than I was yesterday.

“Achieving perfection is moving towards the dead end”

There’s no such thing as perfection. There’s always a room to learn more. BELIEVE!!!

After helping my colleagues and friends in improving their English, and also teaching English to kids, I thought to adopt this beautiful profession of teaching and help the aspirants to realize their dreams of study abroad or to speak English fluently and coherently. So, I became an English teacher and decided I will be different from every other English teachers; I will focus on helping my students succeed instead of focusing on what I get from them.

Learning English as your second language (ESL) is hard and you need the guidance of an expert to teach the basic fundamental principles of the language.  Know that having a strong grip on the English language (or any other language) allows us to think in a deliberate manner and to magnify our personality many-folds.

Being a professional and internationally recognized storyteller and filmmaker, I believe in teaching English through stories. Humans are wired to tell stories. We attentively listen to people who tell stories. Know what? We all tell stories. We all make things up and add our own flavor to the incident to make it much more intriguing and interesting.

Stories can transform us into a much matured human being. My academy, whom I purposely named ‘Voxcel’, is based on the idea of teaching through the medium of storytelling. Stories shapes who we are and encourage us to create a life that resonates with our purpose on planet Earth.

As an English teacher, I tell my students that learning English will open doors to the outside world and attract lots of opportunities, that is because English is the closest thing to the ‘Official language of the whole world.’

“The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values.”

I am a storyteller and I am going to tell you the stories, which will break your shell of fear and anxiety and will bring out the best of yourself to connect the dots of your life for the bright future. I am going to teach you how to transform yourself into a new being and how to become a beacon of light. I am going to help you to be influential. I am going to teach you to ‘Be the Light’.  I am a proud English teacher and I will help you build your dreams.

Welcome to Voxcel

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