Privacy Policy

Voxcel Group neither owns nor claims any ownership of the IELTS modules that are offered for practice to IELTS learners. The Cambridge modules are copyrighted to Cambridge University and other web modules to their respective owners. IELTS is co-owned by IDP and British Council in partnership with Cambridge University. We claim no authority over any IELTS practice material.

The website is designed to give IELTS, Visa and Travel services to the clients, while modules are offered free to students to help them save time in doing research and practice.

We do not authenticity of any module since they are designed by Cambridge University. Therefore, users who are practising them to improve their IELTS score must do it from their end.

Link to other websites-

On our website, you will find outbound links to other websites. Those links are left to redirect you to authentic websites so you will not get confused and land on fake websites.