The immigration process is a scary and lengthy process for any country. The rules are changed within the blink of an eye and many dreams and long-time preparation go to waste. Many people become disheartened and even do heinous things in the process such as committing suicide and even going into depression and going the illegal route which is full of hurdles.

Many people forget to smile when they fail to immigrate to their dream country or are unable to leave their present place. The life doesn’t end with it. It doesn’t treat everyone the same way. Even if you applied in the same category as your friend who had the same profile, same bank balance, same job etc, the chances are anyone can be refused or one can be accepted and one can be refused. These are common in immigration. Different visa officers even though have to follow certain guidelines laid by the embassy of their work, they have different thought opinions and critical thinking.

Instead of belittling yourself or cursing your life, find the meaning of life. One day, it will end for us all. No one is going to live forever. That’s the inevitable truth and having that in mind, you can overcome the sadness and may find happiness wherever you live.

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