IELTS Cambridge Book 13 Test 4 GT – Letter

Question – 


You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

A friend you made while you were studying abroad has written to ask you for help in finding a job in your country. You have heard about a job in a local company that might be suitable for him/her.

Write a letter to this friend. In your letter:

  • tell your friend about the job and what sort of work it involves
  • say why you think the job would be suitable for him/her
  • explain how to apply for the job

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear _________,

Answer – 

Dear Tom,

I’m just writing to tell you about a job opening in my city that I think would be perfect for you.

The vacancy is for an Electrical Engineer in a famous company in my city called Hero Motocorp. The job duties will be to look after the machines and repair them when any break down occurs and prepare reports for the same. You also have to maintain coordination with the machine operators and production department to get the maximum output.

I believe this is tailored for you because firstly, you’ve done electrical engineering and it’ll be best for you to expand on your theoretical knowledge and will prepare you for upcoming possibilities. Moreover, since you love to interact with people, it’ll be a great opportunity to do so at different levels, and you’ll face any language barrier as the staff is learned and quite proficient in English.

To submit your application, you’ll need to submit your resume online on the company’s website. You just need to visit the website, and there you’ll find all the information you need. This website is quite user-friendly and even then you don’t understand anything, you can mail the company or call them.

Best of luck for your application.

Keep in touch,