Coronavirus: List of Things it has Taught

Coronavirus aka Covid-19 has given us many lessons, which will reform the world and we will see many changes not only at the individual level but at the world scale. People will have a different outlook at the world and many changes we will see post the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

The whole crisis has taught us many things so far, which if people keep in their minds, will surely form the new world. 

Nothing is too small- 

Coronavirus is a micro-organism that is invisible to the naked, yet it has put the world on lockdown and forced people to do social distancing for their safety and the greater good. Some countries did action too late and their existence is disturbed by chaos Covid-19 has created. 

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The virus has taught us that nothing is too small to make an impact. Novel Coronavirus has baffled the brilliant minds and the world economies have crumbled. Next time when you doubt your talent and your abilities think of how viruses that are invisible to naked eyes can wipe the whole human race and no one can do anything. 

Believe in yourself and keep working on your dreams. Never doubt your abilities and keep chanting this mantra “I am big to make a difference and I will.” 

Medical Care –

Countries whose medical care is below standard should focus on getting it better. All people, regardless of their financial status deserve universal medical care as per the UK standard and the beds per 1000 people should be increased because any time anyone virus can come and cripple mankind. The lessons should also tell the people what to expect from their leaders during elections and vote according to the development. 

Even the mightiest the USA is fearing of the shortage and has shown the perturbation. The politicians across the globe now will have to base their elections on the necessities and their preparation plans against such pandemics. Yes, even still we can crumble and humanity can be erased, but we will never come to know our limits until we are no fully prepared. 

Many students, who are in high school or are going to start their colleges, can think of going to being a doctor to serve the society. 

Mankind – 

We humans often feed our insatiable egos by various malicious lies and arrogance and yet, we have kneeled to a micro-organism. This has not happened for the first time. Throughout human history, many pandemic and epidemics have occurred and showed humans they are not the highest authority and they can be wiped out by unimaginable things. 

We often waste our lives collecting materialistic things and keep consuming like there’s no tomorrow. During the rat race, we forget to reflect on our core ethics and values and even worst, we forget to enjoy life. Now that people are locked inside, they are doing self-assessment and looking positive things to calm their panic mind during the worst crisis of the 21st century as yet. 


Even the wealthiest and most elite people, who can buy anything at their disposal, are hidden in their caves. But, SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t differentiate between rich and poor and it kills equally. People will think twice before wasting the resources and probably, will think of the less fortunate who struggled during the crisis. Millions are struggling to arrange the meals without any job and money, while many are suffering financial losses. We are all in this together. 

The best way to enjoy life is not to collect more and more, but to reflect the little things in life because we all are temporary travelers on the planet earth and no one knows when the journey will end. Hence, instead of fishing out regarding what you don’t have and what brand you want to buy or what car you want to drive, be thankful for the life you have. 

Family and Friends – 

Post all the chaos, people will look for the real things in life. Hopefully, during the quarantine period, people will understand the value of families which had forgotten in the fast-paced life. This will strengthen the bond between people as many, due to being free and isolated at their homes, are calling friends, to keep themselves sane. 

When you are on the death bed, nothing will help you to ease your pain as much as seeing your beloved ones surround your presence. And nothing will pain you more when life will itself back in front of your eyes and you find our you have missed every chance to celebrate life with your friends and family. Keep them close to your heart. Life is all about the moment we are given now. Tomorrow is never promised. 

When my IELTS student passes their IELTS exam, I tell them to spend their time as much as with their parents because they might never get a lot of time to staying together with them. 

Dream –

Now, dreams are good to see, but overwhelming yourself with the goals you have, not only invite various health issues but also take you to the depressed world. Don’t let that happen. Be sane and always think of your time. This will keep you grounded and you might make realistic targets that can give you a sense of fulfillment. 

I am not saying, don’t dream. I am saying, dream but don’t fret if you remain short of your target. The journey matters, not the destination. Easier said than done, I know, I know. The time shows us, who is the real boss like it’s showing where humankind is during the Covid-19/Novel Coronavirus pandemic. 

I too see a dream with my open eyes, but I also keep a reality check. This keeps me grounded and I find happiness in little things. Same thing I often tell to my IELTS students in IELTS classes in Ludhiana at Voxcel Group. 

Humble – 

Currently, we are seeing an unusual shift in the world due to coronavirus outbreak. People having political differences are together in this fight against the invisible enemy Covid-19 virus. This has taught us that we are all one on the planet earth and our existence matters only when we live in harmony and brotherhood. No doubt, some evil and hooligans disrupt society and create nuances, but some lead the world, despite people throwing stones at them. 

Thankfully, many responsible people with a golden heart are coming forward, giving rations, and other necessary items to needy ones and to those who live paycheck to paycheck. This is creating a wonderful aura in the world during the pandemic crisis and such people will further lead the society and the upcoming generations will see them as heroes. 

Collaboration – 

People and governments have learned a very important lesson of collaboration in a very hard way during coronavirus crisis. Had we done it earlier, the scenario would have been different today. Many governments are appealing people to stay indoors and yet, the requests and warnings are ignored. Some countries have imposed curfew / martial law, yet people are coming out of their homes and making silly excuses for police officials. 

Those people have no idea how fatal this thing can be. One people if infecting one person can make a chain, which can cause a huge disrupt in the world. Italy’s crisis started with only 2 Chinese touring the country. The rest is history. People should listen to their governments, leaving their political and personal differences aside and work for the greater good of mankind. 

The majority of the Indians, for example, are commending their Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi and are adhering to the orders he’s making for the welfare of the nation. 

Companies – 

Many companies are showing their true colors and are doing massive layoffs just to save some extra bucks during the lockdown. Some are coming forward to help their staff and keeping them tight with them. The future will be bright for those companies. People are starting to see the real colors of human greed and to what extent one can stoop so low. 

Many companies have stated, if not done layoffs, to not pay any salary even of the March month, let alone of April or even further period. Many small companies can’t pay the dues when there’s no business, but some that can, are even backing off from their duty to pay their employees’ march month’s salary. 

Companies that have funds and still backing off from helping their employees financially will have a notorious image and it will take them a while to wash the dirt from their name. The sun might set for such companies and will rise with those who are actively helping the workers. Any company is made of workers and if you take good care of them, they will do the same. 

Heroes –

People have come to know who the real heroes are. While we are locked in our homes and taking all the necessary measures to stay safe and secure, the medical teams are working tirelessly and beating all the odds to save the people, without caring about their lives. All of them have families or someone who cares for them, yet they are acting as the shield and are locking horns with coronavirus. 

Police and other defense personnel are patrolling the cities around the clock and taking every measure to keep people inside their homes. It’s not easy to be a policeman who has to be there 24X7 during any crisis. 

Doctors, Police, Army, etc. kind of people are the real heroes. They deserve the respect the kind of respect we give to our favorite celebrities. Next time you cross your paths with any doctor or any personnel, make sure you thank them in your heart, at least. 

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